It's a wonderful time to be a gig worker. Really! With so many people staying home, apps like Door Dash and Shipt have never been more popular. Lets face it, we're kind of spoiled. Anything and everything can now be delivered to us with the tap of a screen... even the opportunity to make some extra cash on the side.

Hyer, a new job search app, connects you to area businesses looking for an extra hand. In fact, one contributor to the Kalamazoo subreddit, garabeara, says she has had luck through the app working as extra stocking help for the Meijer on West Main, Shaver, and Gull Road. She said, in her post, quote:

I know unemployment can be slow and finding another job rn is hard. This has helped me a lot over the past couple months!

Of course the curious and the skeptical were not slow to shake our fair garabeara down for the details, specifically the pay, to which she responded:

It is a flat fee of 16~ per cart. They have about 30-40 cases depending on if you do pop, chips, etc. It takes me 40-60 minutes per cart and I'm only decently experienced.

$16 an hour isn't bad, especially if you're looking to bridge a financial gap left from a recent layoff, or if you're looking to defy the 2020 odds and spread your usual holiday cheer. But, of course, stocking is just one of many different ways you can make money through the app. One thing is for sure, if Hyer worked for garabeara, you've got a shot at adding a few more duckets to your pocket this holiday season.

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