Looking to load the grill and make your cookout unforgettable? These meat markets are highly recommended for prime cuts.

We may not agree on rare vs well done, but almost everyone enjoys a good cut of meat. If you don't know the difference or don't think it matters, which would you rater have: Bell's Oberon or Keystone Light? Wine drinkers know the difference between a nice chardonnay and something that comes with a twist-off cap. Trust me, even a decent hot dog is a world of difference away from a bargain frankfurter. Have you ever used bargain toilet paper?

Now, if I've convinced you that a good cut of meat is worth seeking out and perhaps spending a little more money to enjoy, where can you get good meat? A recent thread on reddit/kzoo asked the same question. Here's what people said.

Where to get quality meat in SWMI:

The list above is simply in alphabetical order, with no preference or judgement. I have a couple of favorites, but (thanks to this list) have new ones to try. I will definitely be going to the Farmer's Market soon. I had no idea they sold fresh meat there.

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Finally, three excellent tips for preparing meat:

  1. Always allow your protein to come to room temperature before cooking
  2. Dry the surface of your steak before salting, seasoning or cooking
  3. Use high heat first, and finish low

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