Be the first on the buzzer to answer these questions from Jeopardy whose answers or clues have to do with Kalamazoo.

We know "Kalamazoo is fun to say and sing. Apparently, we're also good fodder for trivia. We feel like our Canadian neighbor Alex Trebek knows us as the word "Kalamazoo" has been in the clue or was the answer to 19 questions on Jeopardy.

We looked at 10 here. Next up, nine more Jeopardy questions about Kalamazoo. Good luck, and don't forget to put your answer in the form of a question, then, scroll down for the answers.

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Jeopardy's "Kalamazoo" Answers

1) What is "Michigan"

2) What is "Upjohn"

3) What is "Michigan"

4) What is "Eastern Michigan University"

5) What is "Lake Michigan"

6) What are "Checker cabs"

7) What is, "Kalamazoo"

8) Who is "Edna Ferber"

9) What is "Michigan"

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