Wait just one damn minute here!  First of all, eliminating something from the drivers test when so many drivers are worse now than they were 20 years ago is insane.  If anything they need to ADD several other tasks to make sure people are worthy to be on the road.  Second of all, parallel parking is the definitive right of passage ON the drivers test.  It's what I was most concerned about and my kids most concerned about.  I actually lost sleep worrying about my kids parallel parking on their tests.

Now, according to an article on wilx.com, a new bill introduced in the State House would remove parallel parking from the drivers test.  Apparently, State Rep. Sarah Lightner is behind this because some of the people in her district complained that they paid $50 and failed because the couldn't parallel park!  THEN PRACTICE MORE AND GET IT RIGHT!!!  Do they remove things that are hard from medical exams???  You have got to be effing kidding me.  Click HERE for the link to the story.

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