There a fleeting moment in the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie North by Northwest that mentions Kalamazoo and several other Southwest Michigan cities.

The 1959 thriller stars Cary Grant as a falsely accused man being hunted across the country. A scene set at Chicago's Lasalle Street train station is where the Michigan mentions come in.

During the scene, the locations of stops along the route of a departing train are read:

Michigan City





Battle Creek




Ann Arbor



The train wasn't fictional, rather, as a comment on the YouTube video below explains

The announcement was for the New York Special, New York Central train number 44, which traveled from Chicago to Detroit, then crossed into Canada at Windsor, and continued through southern Ontario, eventually crossing the Niagara River to Buffalo, continuing to Albany and finally New York City, running daily, except Saturdays.

So if you ever want to bet someone that Lawton, Michigan is mentioned in one of the greatest films of all time, get ready to collect.

You can see the scene here:

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