Michigan has so many islands curves and turns when you get to the Upper Peninsula, which made finding the northernmost house in the state a little challenging. The coincidence of it being at the highest peak of the state is that it's not technically the northernmost building in the state...that's just down the road from it.

In order to find out the house that is closest to the top I had to take a look at Michigan with satellite images and start to zoom in.

That's when I noticed there was a peak that rests JUST above the others on the Keweenaw Peninsula.

On this peak rests quite a few houses. What I first thought was a northernmost house is actually a place of business called Eagle Rock Studio.

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Eagle Rock Studio features hand-painted glassware by Gail English, local photography by George C. Bailey, and over 30 local artist creations including jewelry, pottery, clothing, watercolors and acrylics, books, cards, local rock and gem art, gourmet foods & vintage treasures.

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The Northernmost house is a quiet farm home that's nestled in the woods, however, it technically is the home that is above all others. So if anyone ever asked them for directions they could simply point south and say "Somewhere down there."

Living that far north has to bring some seriously brutal winters, so it leaves me wondering if it's worth the lack of warmth. But people from the U.P. are cut a little differently, so I'm sure the seclusion is worth it.

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