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We already knew that Michigan is one of 12 states that can ticket you for not clearing off your car completely.  They cite you for distracted driving, because you become a danger to everyone on the road.  This was prompted by drivers only clearing a space on their windshield big enough to see out and not clearing the snow anywhere else.  Then, just the other day, a school bus took a sheet of ice to the windshield causing damage and a possible accident.  Now, the Michigan State Police are warning drivers to make sure there is no ice, especially on the roof of your vehicle that could fly off and this doesn't only apply to tractor trailers.

In an article on wxyz.com, here is what MSP had to say:  "A truck driver is required to clear off the snow from their vehicle the same as a non-commercial vehicle," MSP wrote in a tweet. "If a[n] ice chunk comes off any vehicle and strikes another it is considered a crash and the driver of the non-cleaned off vehicle will be at fault and can be ticketed."

So lets keep those vehicles cleaned off and watch out for flying ice from the top of those semi trailers.

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