The Oasis tribute band Noasis and the audience who watched their performance on Friday night (Nov. 26) at the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire, England, were trapped inside the pub for three nights due to a severe snowstorm, The New York Times reported.

As of Monday (Nov. 29), most of the patrons at the remote venue and lodge within Yorkshire Dales National Park had been rescued after a snowplow passed through the area. A group of off-roaders evacuated some a day earlier. Noasis said the band members had "left the building" in their latest update from Monday.

The Tan Hill Inn shared a news report detailing the incident. Watch it down toward the bottom of this post.

Noasis revealed on Nov. 27, "We're very sorry to announce that we are stranded in Yorkshire, snowed in at the venue after last night's gig at The Tan Hill Inn. We have no way of making it to our [next] gig."

They followed up on Monday, "We're still here! The roads are still very icy and the main road is still shut, it's not gritted or plowed yet as those vehicles have to get past the downed power lines. No way we are leaving here until at least late afternoon they say — if at all today!"

Piles of snow as high as three feet blocked the pub's exits after the band's set, and local authorities said it was unsafe to drive home. So the band members, patrons and seven inn employees hunkered down for the night, which soon turned into the entire weekend.

To pass the time, they took quizzes, watched movies and sang karaoke. "Lots of Oasis at the moment," said the inn's general manager, Nicola Townsend.

She added that some patrons were drinking beer to keep themselves occupied but maintained no one was "getting loud and drunk" because they wanted to be "respectful of each other."

Several patrons already had rooms at the inn or had motorhomes outside. Those remaining slept in the lounge — on the floor or elsewhere — with blankets and pillows provided by the inn.

Some are now referring to Noasis as Snow-asis. But it appears former Oasis members and brothers Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher have yet to comment.

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