Being a lifelong Michigander, it was incredibly exciting in 2022 when I was able to take a trip to the Upper Peninsula to Iron River for the first time ever. The best part about spending a week in the Upper Peninsula is how many waterfalls I got to experience for the first time, and witnessed their power in person.

But going to the Upper Peninsula or anywhere for that matter can be expensive and not everybody has the ability to take enough time out to go to the UPA and enjoy the waterfalls. So what about the Lower Peninsula? No doubt a state that has so many beautiful waterfalls has to at least have some in the lower peninsula.

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There’s a video below of a man walking to Ocqueoc Falls between Rogers City and Onaway in Northeastern Michigan's Lower Peninsula. This is the only named waterfall in the Lower Peninsula and also happens to be the largest in the peninsula.

There are plenty of waterfalls down here to enjoy but you really have to search to find a lot of them, but this particular fall can be found off Ocqueoc Falls Highway off 68 & Lincoln.

Ocqueoc Falls The ONLY Universally Accessible Waterfall In U.S.

With Ocqueoc Falls being the ONLY universally accessible waterfall, it's welcoming to those who are handicapped and also offers approximately six miles of hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing as well.

If you're ever headed up north and want a small detour, this waterfall is definitely worth checking out.

Discovering Waterfalls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Over the week of Labor Day, I set out to the Upper Peninsula for the first time on an extended vacation to stay in Iron River and discover some of the waterfalls. I left Labor Day morning and returned Saturday evening and it was a pretty incredible trip.

Gallery Credit: Mark Frankhouse TSM

Photos Taken behind Tahquamenon Falls

One thing many visitors to Tahquamenon Falls cannot say they’ve done is had the chance to go behind the falls and witness what it is like behind this rushing current of beauty. I recently came across photos taken by a gentleman named Dave steward, who actually had the chance to go behind the falls

Gallery Credit: Dave Steward (Used w/ Permission)


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