We’re always trying to find easy ways to make money and in this economy, that’s an upward battle. We are living in a time where tuition is as high as it has ever been and inflation is starting to take its toll. But there are some jobs out there that are willing to pay you more money for a job that may not be optimal but pays the bills.

I mean, would you be willing to leave a job that you’ve always dreamed of working in trade for a job that you may not particularly love, but can make up to $400,000 a year? It is pretty tempting which is why it’s crazy to think that this business of all places in Ohio is offering pay up to $400,000 a year without any kind of degree.

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Wall Street Journal is reporting that Walmart store managers can make up to $404,000 a year. Here’s what they said about the position:

Store managers will now be able to earn up to $20,000 in annual stock grants and an up-to-200% bonus each year. The average base salary for a Walmart store manager is around $128,000. That means a successful manager of a large Walmart store can earn up to $404,000 a year in total compensation. A Walmart spokeswoman declined to share how many managers generally receive their full bonus each year.

I know it doesn't sound like a glamorous life, but $400,000 is a LOT of money, more than what most dream jobs pay. It's not attractive but ya gotta make that bread somehow.

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