If you take a look at some of the crazy news that happens in Ohio, you can understand how they could feel a little bad. That’s why so many ridiculous stories seem to pop up all the time. That could be why Ohio residents say I’m sorry more than almost every other state in the country.

They rank among the top three all within the same percentile that says "I’m sorry" the most according to a new survey. Preply recently did a survey of 2025 Americans about apologies and according to their findings, three states including Ohio were in the same average percentile of apologies said per day, which is over four.
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In a nation as diverse as the United States, where each state holds unique cultures, traditions, and linguistic nuances, the art of apologizing varies. Whether it’s because of friendly manners, fast-paced lives, or something else, states differ in the number of times people most likely apologize per day. Our data reveals that Iowa, Utah, and Ohio are the states that apologize the most per day. With an average of 4 or more expressions of “sorry” a day, these states top all others, with an average saying “sorry” 3 times or less.

It’s funny too, that Michigan was within the top six states who give on average the least amount of apologies every day. I guess that says a lot about our attitude toward ourselves.

You can say what you want about Ohio, but at least know that they're doing their best to make things right between each other.

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