Can you put a price on peace? How much the average Michigan parent would pay for a week or rest and relaxation away from the family seems worth every penny.

It's not news that the disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic, the ensuing quarantine and work from home has caused major stress in families and relationships. While we try to navigate new ways of doing things like learning virtually and zoom meeting etiquette, the difficulties are compounded by close quarters. It all adds up to more stress.

Exactly how much (hypothetically, of course) do you think the average parent would pay for some rest and relaxation to recharge away from their families? surveyed over 3.000 moms, dads and legal guardians across the country who have been working from home for about the past year and asked that question. In Michigan, the answer is $592.17.

Parents in Michigan love their kids and their spouses, but would pay nearly $600 for a week away. It may seem like a lot, but the national average is $873. I'm not sure what's happening in West Virginia, but moms and dads there would dig deep and shell out almost $2,500 for the privilege. Mainers go together like peas and carrots and would only be willing to pay $309 for a week away. Take a look at the entire United States map below and know that you are not alone while you are daydreaming about getting away from it all.

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In case you're wondering what a real estate website has to do with this, found that, "the coronavirus pandemic has also made 49% of parents determined that the next home they purchase will have 'covid-friendly' amenities, such as a dedicated work room. However, despite the challenges of the past year, another 68% of parents say that they have actually managed to achieve somewhat of a healthy work/life balance, given the current circumstances."

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