A new study published this week says both the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines could have longer lasting benefits, and for people who are not fans of getting shots in general, this might mean no need for a booster shot for many years.

According to Forbes, there's even more evidence that people who survived and/or fought off Covid-19, and who got both doses of either of the two vaccines are having an even stronger immune response. Scientists are finding that what are called "germinal centers" are still active in the lymph nodes four months after vaccination, where as normally these germinal centers begin to decline after several weeks after getting the shots. What scientist are hoping for is that this means stronger protection against both the virus and it's variants.

But a word of caution; in the Forbes story, one scientist is reported saying he didn't believe the Johnson and Johnson vaccines would prove to be similarly "durable." And there are still questions as to how all this works against the "Delta" variant of the Covid.

The Pfizer vaccine, manufactured in Portage, is already a source of pride for locals, but this is nice "afterglow" as life begins to return to normal after the past year and a half of living in a pandemic situation.

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