Thinking of taking an adventure through Battle Creek?  Grab your kayak, a cooler and life jacket.  We'll walk you though this Battle Creek River / Kalamazoo River kayak trip below.

There are lots of great places to hit the water in Michigan.  I got the idea from an article written by Culinarian on for this trip.  You begin at Bailey Park and paddle to the corner of Jackson Street and Stringham Rd along side of the Battle Creek Linear Park Trail.  This is about a 4 hour kayak trip.

There are a couple waterfalls and other hazards to be aware of on this trip.  Get more info and pictures of our trip by clicking through the slide show below.

It might have been due to a low water level, but the current was non existent for most of this kayak trip.  Be prepared to paddle hard and watch out for shallow spots and large rocks.


BONUS VIDEO:  Kayaking In The Flooded Homer Stryker Field In Kalamazoo

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