Ante up, then collect your cards at five downtown Kalamazoo businesses and you could win the trophy at the first-ever poker walk. 

You're familiar with the concept of a poker run, no? Popular with bikers, players collect cards at different locations and then get together for a big party and see who has the best hand. This one won't be so much of a full house- you can go at your own pace as you visit five downtown establishments, eating and drinking along the way, collecting cards and raising money for kids to play sports.

La Familia Cafe put the event together to benefit Premier Athletics for Youth Development, a local non-profit dedicated to helping kids afford to participate in sports and to assist them in covering the cost of equipment. The poker walk buy-in is $20 per person, $100 for a group of 6. You may start at any of the 5 following participating locations at 6pm:

  • Burdick's
  • Green Top
  • LaFamilia
  • LFG Bar
  • Olde Peninsula

The game is five-card stud. Players have until 8:30 to visit all 5 establishments and collect their cards. A gathering in Bates Alley will determine who goes home with the trophy and a gift card. There is also a $50 gift card prize for best costume.

So, don't fold early on Friday night, check your plans, call some friends and head straight downtown and help raise money for local kids to play sports. Got it, stud?

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Downtown Kalamazoo Poker Walk ♠️♣️♥️♦️
Friday, October 23rd from 6-8:30pm

Posted by La Familia cafe on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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