Driving during a Michigan Winter is serious business, but you can read the sarcasm Portage Police & Fire shared on social media amongst sage advice for staying safe.

As Southwest Michigan got blasted by a Winter storm beginning February 4, 2021, Portage Police & Fire took a moment to caution everyone about treacherous road conditions in the area and offer advice on how to be safe. I think you'll easily see that they are implying some drivers are simply being stupid out there.

In a Facebook post on February 5, the department offered simple, straight-ahead good advice like "SLOOOOOOOW DOOOOOWWWWN!" accompanied by the should-be-common-sense reminders to clear your windshield, headlights and brake lights of snow. They entreat drivers to move over and slow down for all emergency vehicles (Police, Fire, EMS and tow trucks) so they can do their job. If you end up needing their services because of an unfortunate event, they say, "PATIENCE- you're not the only one on the roadway and not the only one requiring assistance." [Editor's note: the capital letters and creative spelling come straight from the department- it gets better, read on.]

Here's one that some people need to hear:

The flashing amber light and plow you put on your 1992 4 wheel drive American rust rocket is neither a license to speed or push snow in to roadways.

-Portage Police & Fire via Facebook

Also, a great reminder that, although we've done a lot of this over the past year, stay home if the trip is not essential. "If you don't have to go out, we recommend Amazon Prime and nap time! Oh, and snacky snacks!!!"

In all seriousness, be safe on the roads, and please slow down and look out for each other out there, we don't need another massive pileup closing I-94.

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