This month the Rocker is giving you a chance to pick your trip and see a MLB game of your choice in May.   One last time I give you a suggestion of a park to see if you get to pick the trip.

One of the three parks my wife and I visited last summer was Miller Park in  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We were there to see the Cubs against the Brewers.  Neither of us have really been to Milwaukee so we took a couple days to see a game at the park and to visit the downtown.

It is a cool downtown if you have never been.  As for Miller Park, it is a dome stadium which as you can see the roof was open when we were there.  It was an extremely humid day and thinking they would close the roof I wore jeans.  Humid weather and a packed house (it was mostly Cubs fans in attendance) made it tough.

The heat was the only negative I had and my wife and I enjoyed the game.  Miller Park had some of the best food I have had at a ballpark.   I ended up getting a pulled pork sandwich and it was great.   I didn't get to try any this trip, but I've heard they have some of the best brats in baseball.

Photo by Mrs. Fly

Couple of other stadium highlights include the famous sausage race and Bernie Brewer. I didn't think we would get to see Bernie make his home run slide, but we were lucky to get a Brewers home run late in the game.

Photo by Mrs. Fly

I enjoyed the layout of Miller Park and hope to someday go when the weather is a little cooler or maybe when the roof is closed.

The Brewers haven't been that great in recent years that didn't take the enjoyment out of visiting the stadium. If you get to pick the trip another great park to check out is Miller Park in Milwaukee.   Good Luck.

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