We have a serious problem that needs addressing immediately. There is a big chunk of I-94 in Kalamazoo that has multiple potholes which are absolutely massive and are not only wrecking vehicles, but slowing down an already delayed portion of the highway. I've seen reports from social media about people blowing out their tires and ball joints on these pot holes and something needs to be done as soon as possible. At this stretch of highway, it's useless to even drive in the right lane.

This is what’s causing the congestion on 94 EB under Kilgore- same spot that giant pothole was in before. About 1/4 a mile up there’s another rough side. Traffic is slow and semis need to get over to go around so have patience. STAY IN THE LEFT LANE until you’re past Sprinkle.

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Some people are suggesting that until it's fixed, they should just close the lane down:

Just close down the lane. Seriously. So many tires and rims taken out already, plus people need to slow down in that construction zone anyway.

Speeding has also been an issue with all the construction that's been taking place. Bad weather conditions only make the possibility of an accident greater, and with only two lanes open, there's no room here to get into an accident.

Unfortunately, as one person pointed out, this probably won't get fixed until Spring:

Bad thing is it will be like this until the construction is over or they can get it all tore out and do it the right way instead of cold patch! Hopefully when spring hits and they are making asphalt again they can get on it.

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