Debbie Allen is considered a hero after bravely risking her safety on Wednesday morning after seeing a lost and abandoned German Shepard against the median on I94 in Detroit. While driving on the morning commute she noticed the dog, which is when WXYZ says she did everything she could to keep the pup safe from harm:

Drivers along westbound I-94 were slowing down Wednesday morning after a German Shepherd got loose and ran onto the freeway. Good samaritan Debbie Allen jumped into action and made sure the dog would not get hit and stay alive. She huddled against the center divider holding the German Shepherd from incoming traffic. She says she was on her way to meet a client for work but God had other plans for her.

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I saw a dog in the middle of the road and it was obviously limping so I knew it had been hit.


Homeward Bound

Hopefully, now that the story is out there, the owner of the dog can identify the animal so it can come back to its rightful home. Until now, the dog is at the Humane Society waiting to hear from the owner, as it is not microchipped.


We've seen our own abandoned dog issues in the past here in Kalamazoo, including a story where a puppy was left locked up in a small cage and left on the side of the road. Luckily for that pup it was able to find a new home. Hopefully, this pup will be back home soon.

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