Do you have what it takes to be considered the best in the world when it comes to traversing the horrid Michigan Winter weather? To be honest, the past 3 years I've lived in Kalamazoo the winters weren't consistently bad, but when the weather sucked. So as we approach a time where we will all be put to the test, we are proud to announce the Official Michigan Winter Olympic Games. These games will take place along the winter months as we see just WHO has it in them to take home the gold.

There are many winter weather games which are one man and at times performed in teams which will test endurance, skill, will and a pure embracing for the months ahead. We have at least a month to prepare before the games come to us. So start training and get ready to compete in this years games. A FULL RUNDOWN CAN BE VIEWED BELOW:

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The Michigan Winter Weather Olympics 2022

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