Where do they get this stuff? The holiday dish they say Michiganders love to make may have never even appeared on your holiday table.

They tell you the holidays are about giving. You know, peace on Earth, goodwill toward man and all that. While I believe that spending time with family makes the season bright, if we're honest, it's really all about the food. Food is what brings us together. Chances are, your most cherished Christmas memories that don't involve a present under the tree are about time with family at the table or in the kitchen preparing a meal.

The variety of food is something Americans love about the holidays. Families have special recipes passed down from generation to generation that are only served up at these special times. Everyone has a favorite Aunt that makes something you only have once a year. Maybe it's something as simple as black olives, a spinach artichoke dip or cocktail shrimp that, while not exotic, are only on the table during the holidays. Christmas tree retailer Treetopia looked at Google Trends search data from the 2019 holiday season to determine the most popular Christmas recipes across the country. What is wrong with you, Michigan?

Four side dishes were dominant in different regions of the United States: mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, sweet potato casserole and roast carrots. No surprise that sweet potato casserole was loved in the South. The Eastern Seaboard loves their roasted potatoes, while they like them mashed out West. The Midwest, including Michigan, loves roast carrots.

Roast carrots?

Sure, they're fine, but nobody gets excited about roast carrots. I'm not asking for seconds and even considering feeding what's on my plate to the dog. See the map of favorites state-by-state and across the country here and enjoy your family time this holiday season.

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Christmas in Bronson Park circa 1970

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