The Lions are in trouble. Big trouble. They take on a hot as hell Arizona team this weekend and I'm convinced the only way they can pull off a victory is to incorporate a "opposite game" strategy.

Much like George Costanza did in an episode of Seinfeld where everything happened opposite of what he said.  At one point in the episode Jerry Seinfeld says to George "If every instinct you had was wrong...then the opposite would have to be right".  George agrees and goes about life doing the opposite of everything he would normally do....and it works. Great things begin to happen and George's life changes for the better.  Please stay with me here because what I have to say just might make no sense at all. Which from an opposite stand point, will make sense. Got it?

In Detroit Lions opposite game, Arizona QB Kyler Murray would call for a passing play and the Lions would set up for a run play. Murray would scramble and accidently trip over a Lions player who was cluelessly out of position.

In opposite game, when the Cardinals set up for a 4th down field goal the Lions would line up for a kick off.  Of course with the team so spread out it ices the kicker in confusion causing the kick to go wide right.

In opposite game the Lions win the coin toss in overtime and do the opposite of what any regular team would do and elect to pass on getting the ball first, deciding instead to celebrate the fact that they get the wind to their backs when its their turn to get the ball.  Hold on a minute...that actually happened so even opposite day wouldn't have saved the Lions that day.

Well we as a fan base should also practice this bizarre strategy of doing the opposite by NOT watching them on TV this Sunday and do the opposite - watch a team that wins games.

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