This bridge currently being built in northern Michigan will take you to new heights as it will be the world's longest timber-towered suspension bridge upon completion.

Skybridge Michigan is expected to be a popular attraction once completed. In fact, it's already being called 'Michigan's Second Bridge'. Located at Boyne Mountain Resort, this bridge should be finished in June of 2022. Let's go over a few of the burning questions:

What is a Timber-Towered Suspension Bridge?

Very simply put, it's a bridge that's constructed mainly of timber and suspended between two towers. Boyne Mountain Resort recently shared a few photos of the beginning stages of construction:

Will People Ski On This Bridge?

No. This bridge will be intended for pedestrian use only.

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How Long/Tall Will the Bridge Be?

Skybridge Michigan will be over one thousand feet long. One thousand, two hundred, and three feet long to be precise. Those who are brave enough will walk across while being suspended one hundred and eighteen feet in the air. But, imagine those views!

Those who want to walk across the bridge will have to take a ski lift to the top of the mountain to reach it. You can see a computer-generated concept below:

Will Access to the Bridge be Free?

As with any modern marvel, there will be a price to see it. It's unclear how much tickets will cost but, according to SkyBridge Michigan's website, they will be able to be purchased online in advance. As well, the website goes on to explain that,

SkyBridge Michigan is RFID compatible. This means you can reload your Go Card, the same media you use for lift tickets, with direct-to-bridge access.

You can find all other information on SkyBridge Michigan here. And, if you're a fan of watching real-time construction, SkyBridge Michigan is currently hosting a live cam on their Youtube page:

So, what do you think? Will you be bold enough to cross the soon-to-be world's longest timber towered suspension bridge? You have plenty of time to figure it out.

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