This Year the State Theatre in Kalamazoo celebrates 90 years.  Once again we take a look back at another great show from years past.  REO Speedwagon who hit the stage back in 2014.

REO Speedwagon played the State Theatre back in April of 2014.  This was a show I ended up attending as my wife really wanted to go.   I have never had the chance to see the band so it was cool I finally got to see them live.

To this day I believe this is the only time i have ever sat in the balcony at the State Theatre for a show.    You get the full view and full sound of the band was an experience to see it from up there.

It turned out to be a typical setlist for the band all the hits.   Now the one moment that really got me into the show personally was the song, "Back On The Road Again".

This is the song that bassist Bruce Hall sings and is one of my favorites from the band.

Another great show that I was fortunate to have seen live.   I found a few clips of that show online.   Check out the band playing, "Ridin' The Storm Out"  below.

Any memories of this show?


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