Fans of the unexplained and those interested in the search for intelligent life in the Universe will be able to gather at the Kalamazoo State Theatre this Fall and talk to the team of Ancient Aliens. The Kalamazoo State Theatre has just announced the show making its way to West Michigan on Friday, November 3rd 2023:

The Kalamazoo State Theatre is excited to welcome Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth to its historic stage on Friday, November 3. Join Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, William Henry, Travis Taylor, Nick Pope, and David Childress for an evening of discussion and insight unlike any other.

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Ticket Info

Tickets go on sale to the General Public Thursday, May 4th at 10 am EST. Doors for the show open at 6:30 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm.

UFOs in Michigan

There was an incident that occurred in 1994 here in Southwest Michigan that prompted Unsolved Mysteries to make an entire episode about it called 'Something In The Sky':

On the evening of March 8, 1994, more than 300 calls flooded into 911 dispatch to report strange lights in the night sky along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. The hovering objects appeared to be either round or cylindrical, with different colored lights; eventually, callers said, they headed out over the lake. A radar operator from the National Weather Service watched the movements of these UFOs for hours and confirmed the reports.

We'll be talking to UFO abductee Tom Warner who was featured in the Berksure UFOs episode in the First Volume of the reboot series. The link below is to grab a copy of his book and the interview will be uploaded on 5/3.

Most common words used to describe UFOs from reported sightings

UFOs (unidentified flying objects) have been reported throughout history and people have used similar words to describe them throughout. Stacker culled the National UFO Reporting Center’s top list of UFO descriptors and famous examples of each UFO in history.

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