Video clips of Robert Plant’s new band, Saving Grace, appeared online following its third and fourth concerts, which took place earlier this month.

The Led Zeppelin icon unveiled his latest project at a low-key concert near the border between England and Wales earlier this month, showcasing a sound that was described as “music inspired by the dreamscape of the Welsh Marches” with dynamics “from a whisper to a scream.”

The group features vocalist Suzy Dian, mandolinist and guitarist Tony Kelsey, banjo player and guitarist Matt Worley and percussionist Oli Jefferson.

You can watch one clip from their concert on Feb. 14 in Basingstoke, England, and two from the Feb. 16 performance in Bath, England, below.

In 2018, Plant discussed his decision to move away from Led Zeppelin’s style of music and explore the folk-infused material he’s released over recent years. "It developed until the year 2000, when Jimmy Page and I traveled around the world with an Egyptian orchestra, playing – stuff, you know,” he said.

“It got to a point one night in Mannheim in Germany, where we were playing inside a big concrete cube to a huge audience of males pumping the air with their fists. And I went, ‘Well, I don’t think we need this anymore. It’s time to get off the bus quick.’”

At a later show on the tour, he recalled seeing "the guitarist in Radiohead, [and] when it was time for a solo, he just knelt down and started messing with his pedals. … I went, ‘Well, that’s a lot different to the world I’ve been in, of expressive gesture and stuff.’ I realized it was time to change. Then I started writing.”

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