I'm sure many of you in marketing would question the sanity of the product development department when they brought this idea down to the board room: Lets offer the public a product that is as mediocre as our cities professional football team. 

Pretty sure the idea wasn't answered with "Great idea Johnson...you're going places". Yet here we are with a beer from Eastern Market Brewery inspired  by the same old Detroit Lions football team. A team we tolerate week in and week out, year in and year out and decade in and decade out, with no chance of change or hope for a quality product on the field in sight.

One would almost think Eastern Brewery was owned by the Fords as astute as they were with this statement in a press release about their new beer hilariously dubbed "Same Old Lager"

"Same Old Lager," a crisp, 4.5% alcohol-by-volume lager that has one simple request: "Don't set your expectations too high."

I love the companies tongue in cheek approach to embarrassing a professional football team who basically are...the same old Lions. Maybe a little embarrassment and humiliation is what the Lions need. You'll recall I wrote just a couple of weeks ago about how I feel the Lions should be taken off the Thanksgiving Day football schedule so that markets with good and deserving quality football teams can give the entire country better entertainment value for their Thanksgiving Day. Why should the country suffer like us Michiganders have for years and years with poor quality football.  Maybe having to earn the national spotlight back might light a fire under ownership.

Not everyone shares the grins that I got when I saw the Same Old Lager press release. One Barry Sanders for instance doesn't seem real happy in this tweet.

Leave us your thoughts via our app and we'll read them over the air. In the meantime, I'm going down to Eastern Market Brewery and picking up a 12 pack of Same Old Lager to numb myself before watching the Same Old Lions on Thanksgiving.

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