One of the more well-known desserts that is a Michigan favorite is the Sanders bumpy cake. If you’ve ever had a Little Debbie's Swiss Roll, you will know partially what you are in store for when you eat a bumpy cake. It’s basically a delectable chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on it that has multiple bumps, which are filled with vanilla cream.

It’s one of our state's go-to deserts, but it could soon be disappearing off shelves this holiday season. If you’ve ever wanted to be the kingpin of the black market distribution of this product, it may be your time to shine as the company says it is looking for a new partner, which may stall the production of their product later this year in an announcement made by Sanders:

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After conversations with more than a dozen bakeries, we have not yet found a new partner who can maintain the high quality and classic taste that our consumers expect and deserve. Unfortunately, this means that Bumpy Cakes will soon be out of stock until we can find a new bakery partner with the capabilities to get us back into production. You can still purchase Bumpy Cakes at Sanders stores, online at or at select Michigan retailers, but based on our estimates, we will likely be out of stock by the end of the year.


Headed To The Black Market?

It's possible that if production continues to stall, these things may go the way of the new Raspberry Girl Scout Cookies, and they may only be available on the black market. I suggest if you've ever dreamed of being the kingpin behind the bumpy cake black market or the Don of the bumpy cake crime syndicate, it may be your time to stock up, capeesh?

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