One of the best feelings in the world is when you go to look for something and find something you haven’t seen in forever that you didn’t realize you were missing. On a much bigger level, searching for something you know, is in the area and stumbling upon something even greater has got to be so rewarding especially when you are looking for lost vessels in the Great Lakes.

The television show Expedition Unknown travels around the earth, investigating iconic, unsolved events, lost cities, buried treasures, and other stories as well. In the most recent episode, they were in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, looking for the WWI Minesweeper shipwrecks in Lake Superior, but instead found something nobody has seen in ages, as one person drew attention to:
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Last night, on a new episode of Expedition Unknown, Josh Gates explored the Upper Peninsula for WWI Minesweeper shipwrecks. In their search, Yoopers help him discover a 150-year-old uncataloged tugboat, the Satellite. Congratulations to all involved, and thank you for showcasing the wonders of #MI01 to the world.
It was recently discovered that the host of Expedition Unknown, Josh Gates says he turned down the most recent Oceangate trip because of the safety concerns it posed. That would end up being the correct decision as all five passengers on that trip perished.
Regardless, this is a huge discovery for the upper peninsula, Michigan as a whole, and the Great Lakes:

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