For months I've been telling you about the great organization "Talons Out Honor Flight" that takes WWII veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial free of charge.  Even better, volunteers called guardians donate their time and $500 to take care of the vets on the trip.  This Saturday, it will be MY honor to accompany all of these exceptional people to our nation's capital and broadcast live.


I got a little emotional this morning when long-time friend and Talons Out board member Dan Moyle stopped by the Rocker Morning Show to tell us all about it.  I'm thinking about my dad who fought in WWII in the 100th Infantry and was part of "The Sons Of Bitche" which I've chronicled in a previous blog.  He will certainly be with me in spirit on Saturday but I sure wish he could actually be there.  It would be something he really would have enjoyed.  So in his place, I will tell his stories to those who will listen and hear stories I know he would have enjoyed hearing.  Do yourself a favor and not only find out more about Talons Out Honor Flight but maybe donate your money, your time or both.  They deserve it.  Click HERE.