The luckiest man on earth, Sean Evans, from YouTube's First We Feast's Hot Ones, has not one, but TWO shows related to eating hot wings. Truly a man after my own heart. But how did it all begin, and how is the game show version of Hot Ones on TruTv similar to the fabulously successful YouTube show?

"The show came from me and Chris Schonberger," he stated, referring to Evans' collaborator who was working for First We Feast at the time. "And you know about five years ago everybody was kind of turning from editorial to video. We were just thinking of ways that we could disrupt the celebrity interview, and he said, 'What do you think about a show where we interview celebrities but over the course of the interview we feed them increasingly spicy chicken wings?' The way it hit my ear so funny."

A long form interview set-up, Evans' interviews are much more than a quick five minutes and a glance at the clip they brought to promote their projects. He asks in depth questions and gives a chance to see our favorite celebrities like we've never seen them before; not glamorous. After all, when you've just eaten a wing coated in Last Dab, all elegance and decorum goes right out the window. "I think that's such a smart way of unpacking the show. Celebrity is this thing that by definition is this unattainable lifestyle and status, but there's nothing more relatable than dying on hot sauce," Evans shared. He goes on to say that they didn't intend to create such a candid show. "That wasn't us as masterminds, like, thinking this is how to make the perfect what's-it-like-to-have-a-beer-with-that person show. It was an unintended consequence."

As for the guests? They like getting a chance to let their hair down. "The guests that we have kind of enjoy that thing of coming down to a level that its extremely relatable and showing themselves as vulnerable."

Shifting from celebrity to civilian, what's all this about a Hot Ones the Game Show? "The game show is kind of turning people who are fans of Hot Ones in to Hot Sauce Heroes by working their way through this extremely challenging three round set up, and then the Ring of Fire, and hopefully at the end of all that, they'll win $25,000 and a couple of icy-cold milkshakes." I'm thinking after all those hot wings, I'd be looking forward to the icy-cold milkshake a little more than the cold, hard cash.

You can find Hot Ones on YouTube, with the last episode of this season dropping Thursday, August 27th (listen to the full interview to find out who the last guest will be), and make sure to check out Hot Ones the Game Show Tuesdays on TruTv.

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