Ever wonder what the most viewed videos on YouTube that residents of Kalamazoo are watching?  I Saw this trend and thought I'd try it for Kalamazoo. What you do is filter videos in YouTube by views and geographical location.  I wasn't sure what the top 5 would consist of given the extended history of our fair city but there were a few surprises and a few you would expect to show up.

Kalamazoo most viewed videos included a couple of famous gals, some tense police moments and even some semi dressed ummmm....how should I say this...odd behavior??

Lets start with our two famous "gals".

Dubbed as one of the greatest dance routines in a movie "I've got a Gal in Kalamazoo" has done over 2 million views in Kalamazoo.  I mean who wouldn't want to see the sweetest gal in Kalamazoo right??

Our second Gal is a little more boisterous in her presentation. That would be Lizzy Hale from the band Halestorm.  In this video where almost 2.5 million views occurred, they cover Whtiesnake's "Still Of the Night" done here in good ol' K-Zoo.

We like our food in Kalamazoo. Coming in at over 3.3 million views is delicious as we get to see how Kalamazoo grillmaster Russ Faulk cook the perfect ribeye steak. YUM!!

Our top most watched video is a scary one as an almost mob mentality threatens what should be a normal routine stop for a Kalamazoo police officer. Over 4.4 million views of this very tense moment.

Of course an honorable mention must go to a video that also takes on an almost mob like mentality except for the fact he's pretty much on his own. You make your stand half naked man who jumps on Kalamazoo cop car, I mean, after all, its not something you see every day...lol

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