An unknown woman completely captured the true spirit of giving by unselfishly gifting a $50 bill to a woman while Christmas shopping in the village of Vicksburg. THIS is what Christmas is all about.

In 1931, John Vickers dammed a waterfall on Portage Creek and built what is believed to be the first mill in Kalamazoo County. His legacy lives on in Sunset Lake which was created as a result of his efforts, and the Village of Vicksburg bears his name to this day. A small-town feeling still pervades this charming hamlet of just under 3,000 people in Schoolcraft Township, where local family-owned businesses line the main street which is actually named "Main Street." Vicksburg would not be considered a wealthy suburb of the greater Kalamazoo area but is filled with honest, hard-working people who love their Bulldog high-school athletic teams.

No snow was falling on December 18, but other than that, this scene is straight out of a Hallmark movie. A local bartender was out doing her Christmas shopping downtown Vicksburg when a woman she passed on the street took a $50 bill out of her wallet and offered it to her with warm Christmas wishes. Cody Ann shared her stunning story in the Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village Facebook Group.

My heart was filled with joy and gratitude to think that a stranger could do this for someone. I hope she reads this and knows we did indeed enjoy ourselves. I also hope she knows we plan on paying it forward as well

Mrs. Secret Santa's gift caused Cody Ann to tear up and she calls it "the sweetest thing that ever happened to us." The comments section on Facebook was filled with amazement at the generosity of a stranger and a true story of a Christmas blessing.

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