If you've listened to the Rocker Morning Show for any length of time, you know how big a fan my wife and I are of Bob Seger.

I don't have to retell the story about how we realized on our first date that we were both huge fans, but I guess I just did.

Well, lets just say that you're not a fan.  That's OK.  I'm probably not a fan of some music that you like.  I might not even be a fan of one of your Rock n Roll heroes.

The story I'm about to tell you has nothing to do with music.  It has to do with heart.  Check this out... The Detroit Fire Department's Ladder Company 22 recently experienced the contemptible act of having their rescue saws stolen -- again -- while they were fighting a fire and saving lives.

When a local radio station found out, they called the offices of Detroit's favorite son, and long-time supporter of local charities, to see if they could get an autographed guitar to auction off to raise the money.

The next day, Seger's office called to say, "Don't wait to raise the money; we'll buy both saws ($2,000 a piece).  Just send us the bill."

Bob "Freakin" Seger!!!  DE-TROIT MADE!!!

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