Back in 1916, Grandpa Sherman started a dairy business that has stood the test of time for 106 years. It started out as a small herd of dairy cattle kept by the owner, as he delivered milk with a horse drawn wagon from house to house around South Haven. It has changed quite a lot through the years, including the 50's when they started to introduce ice cream to the business. What is now known as Sherman's Dairy Bar has recently been handed an unfortunate blow, as high winds from the past weekend blew their iconic vintage sign down and destroyed it:

We’re sad to say that the high winds of Saturday evening damaged a large portion of our roof and destroyed our iconic vintage Sherman sign.

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There's no word on if they'll be able to fix or repair the sign, but the Blue Moo cows that are featured outside had some slight damage from the flying debris as well, but they faired considerably better. One person is even pleading with them to replace it with a replica, rather than opting for a newer, sleeker design:

Oh no!! Happy to hear the Moos faired ok. Please replace with the same vintage sign. It’s iconic! Also, all of us loyal fans know where to go. We don’t need a neon beacon to find the best ice cream in the Midwest!

Hopefully they're able to replace the sign with a similar design and have it ready before opening for the season. The story of their ice cream bar goes back to the 50's when they first began experimenting with making it. Port, Grandson of the founder of Sherman's, used natural flavorings to craft the signature ice cream. After he got it just the way he wanted it, Port started selling it, first house to house, then to ice cream stores and finally grocery stores.

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