Sir Graves Ghastly was a show that was a part of so many of our lives growing up, especially if you were a child of the 60s, 70s & 80s. Sir Graves Ghastly had its longest run on Saturday afternoons on TV2 in Detroit, from 1967 to 1982, with a total of fifteen seasons.

Aside from that, the man who played the character, Lawson J. Deming, helped the character become a horror icon.

Recently, the Redford Theatre revealed an amazing stone sculpture that was apparently made by the late actor's son:

Unveiled this afternoon: The life-sized relief sculpture of Sir Graves Ghastly created by his son David Deming. We had over 1000 people out this weekend to celebrate the Detroit horror host’s legacy and watch three great Frankenstein films. Thanks to David the work is now a permanent fixture in our inner lobby. Come and see it for yourself!

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The show was so popular that aside from the 15 seasons on the air, there were many after-school or prime-time Sir Graves specials and Halloween specials that aired as well. Many people, like local resident Rochelle, loved seeing the sculpture and shared their memories of the man and show:

Awesome work of art! My Saturday TV teen years are immortalized! Had fun Friday night with a surprise intro of Sir Grave’s sons. I’ll never forget we took a pic with him at Edgewater park. Had to be 1976 or so.

Deming's son David was there in person and even signed a few autographs for fans of the horror classic. Anyone who attends the theatre will be able to see it anytime, as announced above, with it now having a permanent place in the lobby.

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