City Union Brewery and Norse Nectar Meadery have joined forces for one epic tasting room in Kalamazoo. Get ready for a place "where the gods go to drink". Valhalla will celebrate their opening weekend Thursday, October 1st through Saturday, October 3rd from 5:00pm to midnight at 3408 Miller Road, Kalamazoo.

If you dive in to the history of Kalamazoo, you will come upon a brewery called City Union Brewery that was opened from 1896 to 1904. Today, City Union Brewery is celebrating a renaissance. They even boast the tagline "Resurrecting the Brew from Kalamazoo". Their Facebook page is certainly not giving up any ghosts about what they plan on offering, and ever search for a website came to a dead end. Hopefully the secrecy surrounding a new/old brewery in Southwest Michigan will prove just what Valhalla needs to peak the curiosity of beer enthusiasts from all around the state.

Norse Nectar Meadery, on the other hand, wasn't too hard to get information on. Their Facebook page states they are, quote, "...a new local meadery whose focus is centered around Norse mythology but we also make great still meads with high abv." Norse Nectar is quickly becoming known for their line of distinct meads ranging from the traditional dry variety to semi-sweet versions, and even a semi-dry mead flavored with habanero peppers. Careful, though. When they say "high abv," they're not kidding. Their products are 14% alcohol by volume. Enjoy slowly, is what I'm saying. And make sure you have a ride.

Skaal, Valhalla! And best of luck!

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