A storm on the Sun, 94 million miles away is interrupting some phone signals, GPS, satellite communications and could even affect radio signals.

There is some good news: this isn't near as bad as it could have been. It seems like a script right out of Hollywood, as a solar flare and winds on the sun a few days ago are affecting us now. Sporadic reports have come in of dropped calls or no cell phone service, GPS navigation failing. Your favorite radio station could lose signal periodically as satellite communications may be disrupted, affecting your internet at home an on mobile devices. Experts say this could have been a lot worse, even knocking down the electric grid.

This is not a surprise. Space weather forecasters knew this even was coming and they are absolutely giddy in watching satellite footage of these flares erupting on the sun and crossing the vastness of space, headed for Earth. Tamitha Skov is an expert on this- watch below as she narrates this event. I've watched the video three times. I understand almost all of the words but still have almost no idea what she is talking about. Bottom line: we don't have to call in Bruce Willis to save us, this shouldn't last long.

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