It has been awhile since I had the chance to see a college football game away from Michigan.  Over The Weekend,  My Wife and I traveled to Bloomington, Indiana to watch Michigan State lose to the Hoosiers in overtime.

It could of been a better outcome but we still enjoyed our trip to the IU campus.   Neither of us have ever been there so it was cool to get to experience another Big Ten campus.

The game had an 8 p.m. start time so we had the chance to take our time driving down. Once in town we checked out the area around the stadium.  If you are not familiar with Bloomington, their stadium is in the northeast part of town directly next to the basketball arena known as Assembly Hall.  It was cool to finally get a chance to see one of the legendary Basketball arenas in college basketball.  During the game the team actually was introduced to the crowd.

One of the other highlights of our drive around the stadium was the huge tailgating area that was south of the stadium.  I assume it was for students and locals we didn't really get to check that out.   We did however hang out at a tailgate with some fellow Spartans that was led by a friend of my Father in law.

I don't know if it had to do with it being a night game or because the Spartans were in town, but the pregame featured some actual fireworks.  I have seen them at plenty of sporting events just seemed weird seeing them at a college game.  Maybe it is just the games I've been to.

Photo by Fly

On our way home on Sunday, we stopped at a small town east of Bloomington called, Nashville.  This town featured many small shops with various crafts, art work and more.  A few good looking restaurants as well.   We tried their brewery called, Big Woods.  I didn't get the chance to sample any beer but their pizza was good.  We tried a sauce of their's that was made with their own vodka.  Fun place that is worth a visit if you are ever in the area.   Good times in Hoosier Country!