Nobody's spontaneously combusting, but there is a certain amount of exuberance for the members of Spinal Tap after resolving a lengthy dispute with Universal Music Group over the their soundtrack recordings.

According to Billboard, Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Rob Reiner -- the creators behind the groundbreaking '80s mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap -- have settled their legal issues over the 1984 film and the recordings from the movie will continue to be distributed through UMG. Under the new agreement, the rights will eventually be given to the creators and "the parties look forward to making these beloved recordings available to existing and new Spinal Tap fans for years to come."

Shearer stated, "I must admit, from the moment we first began mediation with them to now, I've been impressed by UMG's respect for creatives and their distinctive desire to seek a prompt and equitable solution to the issues."

Guest added, "It was refreshing to be treated so constructively and with such courtesy by UMG and I'm pleased we have been able to resolve this."

The trio of Shearer, Guest and McKean starred in the movie as Derek Smalls, Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins respectively, with their story being told by documentarian Marty Di Bergi, who was played by Reiner. In the years since the film, the three actors have resumed their Spinal Tap personas on multiple occasions, recording 1992's Break Like the Wind and 2009's Back From the Dead. Shearer, as Derek Smalls, also released a solo album titled Smalls Change: Meditations Upon Ageing in 2018.

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