It's one thing when your house creaks in the night. It's a noise you likely know and are familiar with. What if you're out camping in a forest in the vast wilderness of Michigan and hear something you can't explain? That was the experience of one recent hiker.

The story was shared on the CampAndHikeMichigan subreddit on Reddit and comes from the Pigeon River Country State Forest Area near Vanderbilt about 50 miles south of the Mackinac Bridge. The outing and noises are described like this:

It was a good hike, but I did not sleep well at all. The forest was crazy noisy. A lot of owls, tree frogs, a crazy goose party and some rustling outside my tent were keeping me up. But there was one really mysterious sound I couldn't figure out what it was. The best I could describe it was a super loud "clacking"....This was somewhere around 3am.


...Hearing it in person, it was like a very short, sharp clanking/clopping sound. It could also possibly be like a really powerful cough/bark/exhalation. The sounds seem a little longer than they actually were due to reverberation in the forest.

The noises are faint, so you'll want to pop on headphones or pop in earbuds to hear the sounds at :12 and :15.

So what do you think? Those who commented on reddit thought the noise might have been a raven or crow. Perhaps a fox.

A particular sound to look out for in the forest is the distinctive clap of wood. Cryptozoologists believe that's related to Bigfoot.

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