When was the last time you enjoyed some Superman ice cream?
I had some just before writing this article.

Even though the colors remain the same – blue, red and yellow – the flavors sometime vary. The blue seems to be always Blue Moon flavored. Even though the Blue Moon flavor has never positively been identified, some say the taste resembles either almonds, marshmallow, and various fruity cereals like Trix, Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, etc.

The red is usually identified as a Faygo Red Pop flavor (strawberry, cherry, and/or both) and sometimes black cherry.

The yellow is supposed to be lemon, but some makers prefer making it a yellowish vanilla flavor.

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The ice cream itself was created before the Superman character ever existed (but not known as “Superman” ice cream). Superman himself debuted in Action Comics in 1938, but the ice cream was invented during Prohibition, which makes it somewhere between 1920-1933. The most commonly-credited creator of the ice cream is Stroh's, who turned to selling sweets since they legally couldn't sell booze during Prohibition.

On top of that, the owner of Superman (the character) has never okayed for the ice cream to be legally called “Superman”. Therefore, you'll find it by various brands under different names like “Sooperman”, “Scooperman”, “Super Rainbow”, “SuperScoop”, et cetera, but we all know what is really is.

Other states have gotten into our Superman ice cream by giving it names like “Super Moo” (blue vanilla, cherry, and vanilla), “Super Madness” (blue raspberry, cherry, and vanilla), and “Super Kid” (blueberry, strawberry, and banana).

While concocting the idea for this article in my head, I bought a half gallon of Superman ice cream...before I sat down to write it, I ate half of it.

Yup...it's still good.

Superman Ice Cream


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