SwissLane Farms in Alto has been producing maple syrup for over 100 years and you are invited to their annual Maple Syrup Festival on Saturday, March 13.

SwissLane Farms focuses its efforts on dairy, however, they have over 1,500 maple taps in progress in their Sugar Shack. Back in the 1800s, the family used to boil down the maple sap to make sugar to be sold in Grand Rapids. Eventually, sugar became readily available, and they switched to producing maple syrup from the sap.

The Sugar Shack will be open March 13 from 11am-3pm and visitors are invited to see syrup being processed. You'll be able to see the machines used to boil the sap and produce and package the syrup.

SwissLane Farms asks you to dress warm and appropriately. Spring also means muddy trails.

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