If we've learned nothing else in the age of digital, it's to not upset the internet. And we've also learned that everyone is worth a second chance. McDonald's is getting ready to right a few wrongs when it comes to the roll out of their legendary Szechuan Sauce.

In October 2017 a very limited edition return engagement of the chain's much loved dipping sauce quickly ran short on supply with fans turned away disappointed. The sauce was only released to three McDonald's in the Kalamazoo area at that time.

This Szechuan Sauce return will bring the packets to all US restaurants with 20 million of them available.

McDonald's describes the sauce as "savory and sightly sweet with hits of soy, ginger, garlic and slight vinegar notes."

The sauce was first introduced to McDonald's restaurants in 1998 as a short-lived promotional tie-in to the Disney film Mulan.

If that weren't enough reason for you to run to the Golden Arches, the Shamrock Shake returned and introduced a new app making shake-locating easier than finding a four-leaf clover.

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