Kalamazoo Jaycees Baconfest – Need I Say More?
Bacon. It just makes everything better, doesn't it? Throw it on a cheeseburger and instantly up your grilling game. Pop it in to some grilled cheese and enjoy a sophisticated version of a childhood favorite. Wrap it around a good cause and your fundraiser becomes a sizzling good time.
Love Bacon? Try Tony's I-75 Restaurant in Birch Run
I love the fact that on any given day you can just decide to jump into the car and travel to somewhere cool in this state.  My wife and I did just that when we took a drive to the thumb and stopped in to try Tony's in Birch Run, Michigan.
Fly Taste The New Maple Bacon Flavored Pop Tarts
It seems that Bacon has made it's way into many popular items in recent years.  I guess it was only a matter of time before we saw a Bacon flavored Pop Tart.    I recently had the chance to try the new Limited Edition Frosted Maple Bacon Flavored Pop Tart.