Tony's I-75 serves up a one pound BLT sandwich that will clog your arteries just by looking at it.

SpykeTV via YouTube
SpykeTV via YouTube

Bronner's in Frankenmuth is a Christmas wonderland but for bacon lovers, Heaven is just a few miles Southwest at Tony's I-75 in Birch Run where they serve up the "world's largest BLT." You won't find Tony's actually listed at the Guinness Book but 20 slices of bacon, one pound, on their signature sandwich certainly puts them in the ballpark. Cooks go through 11,000 pounds of bacon each week.

Everything is big at Tony's and that got the attention of Spyke TV who did a feature in 2010. Watch the video below and you'll see diners trying to figure out how to eat the dang thing. Oh, and be sure to save room for dessert- Tony's ice cream sundae uses a 1/2 gallon on each order.

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