I love the fact that on any given day you can just decide to jump into the car and travel to somewhere cool in this state.  My wife and I did just that when we took a drive to the thumb and stopped in to try Tony's in Birch Run, Michigan. 

If you love bacon this place is for you.  Tony's is located in Birch Run, which is just off of I-75 between Flint and Saginaw.  A popular restaurant known for bacon. Their signature sandwich is a BLT. This BLT features a pound of bacon, (yes a pound).  I was amazed when I saw a few of these being carried out to those that ordered this behemoth.

They also have huge portions of pretty much everything they serve.  They have big breakfasts, big burritos and even a huge turkey club, which my wife had.  The sandwich had so much bacon most of it falls off to the side.

I am usually up for things like this but I chickened out this trip and went with a big grilled three cheese on Italian bread.

You can tell how much food they serve when most people who leave the place had to go boxes.   We both liked the food and hopefully the next time we are up near Birch Run, I  will be able to try the BLT!




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