An interesting question came up recently on the You Know You're From Battle Creek Facebook group asking about the source of music that could be heard early morning and late evening.

The question was,

I live in Springfield, does anyone know where the music comes from that plays over a intercom? Is usually during the day but I heard it at 7am this morning to. Either coming from airport or military base maybe.

Was it coming from Fort Custer, the Battle Creek Air National Guard Base or perhaps some other source?

According to many who replied, having the military establishments in our region does mean we get to enjoy the time-honored military traditions of Reveille and Taps.


The bugle call Reveille is from the French for "wake up" and is generally played around sunrise.


The somber Taps was likely modified from another bugle call known as Tattoo. The version used today by the US Armed Forces was arranged by General Daniel Butterfield during the Civil War. While it is used at military funerals, it is the bugle call generally played at dusk.

Next time you find yourself in the vicinity of the military installations in Battle Creek and Springfield, have your ears open for this special tradition.

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