Chris Perkey, who owns Osteria Rossa in Grand Rapids, is opening a new restaurant in Saugatuck.

Mediterranean Restaurant, Taverna Rossa, to be located at 129 Griffith Street, will offer dishes hailing from countries throughout the Mediterranean region of Europe, including Spain, France, Greece and Italy. Perkey told Mlive,

“Sometimes people get the idea that Mediterranean is just falafel, gyros and Middle Eastern food as opposed to realizing that there’s a lot of Spanish, French, Greek and southern Italy. Those are all Mediterranean countries, and I really want to highlight that.”


The award winning chef has plans to open the new restaurant on April 6. Menu items will include Spanish tapas, pasta, steak frites, Greek saganaki, hummus, antipasto, and more.


Perkey stated that he likes Saugatuck because it has a lively, energetic downtown with a strong art and restaurant scene. He says there is not currently a restaurant similar to this style in the area. Delivery will be made available to nearby boats parked at the marinas. The restaurant will seat 80 people and features an outdoor patio that will fit an additional 24.


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