Ever since Dec 06, 2001, when Tenacious D played the Wings Event Center along with Weezer & Jimmy Eat World, Kalamazoo has had a warm spot for The D. In fact, it's that concert that kind of set off this weird connection between Michigan and Jack Black & Kyle Gass. In their song "The Road" they mention us in the line, "I met a tasty baby in Michigan." I'm going to assume that was inspired by Kalamazoo, as their first album was released in September later that year.

There's also a little Easter egg in the movie "The Pick of Destiny," as the scene with the dream sequence where they perform Master Exploder, KG is seen wearing a Kalamazoo shirt, which he even addresses in the band's commentary on the DVD and shows love for the city and the shirt.

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Open Letter To The D

The truth is, Kalamazoo & The D just fit so nicely together, that when you finally do return, we'll make you feel right back at home. In 2020, the news that shook the city was that Tenacious D was returning to Kalamazoo to play the State Theatre. It was almost too good to be true, and it was. The pandemic squashed those hopes and with the announcement of your new tour, Kalamazoo has been left off the tour as a stop. We totally got teased with The D.

Now Jables & Rage, I know how it works. There could be conflicts with the venues to make it impossible to make it on this tour, and that's understandable. But as an avid fan of The D, and knowing the history of the band's love for the city, we're begging you to give us the D. Not just a little, we want the D in all its glory. This city has been starved of some serious D for over 20 years, and if we don't get some of that rocket sauce soon, we're gonna have to ask you to take a friendship test with us.

So please, consider returning to Kalamazoo, and rise again just like the Fenix.

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